About Sunrich Naturals

For us, it’s pretty simple...

We believe healthy, good food starts with a healthy, good Earth. This simple belief guides everything we do -- how we work with farmers, how we handle and process our grains, and how we produce our natural and organic foods.

For over 25 years, we have been working with American family farms to create wholesome organic and natural foods. Your purchase of these products will help us to continue our efforts to create sustainable American agriculture for generations to come. Our focus has always been on producing excellent products under other brand names, but we are now excited for people to know us through our own brand, Sunrich Naturals®. Below is an overview of our product line...

About SunOpta

The SunOpta Grains and Foods Group, a division of SunOpta Inc., is a leader in natural and organic ingredients, raw materials and consumer products. We follow the mission of all SunOpta companies, which is to provide a healthy products portfolio and promote the environmental responsibility and well-being of our communities.

Our history dates back to 1978 when we began as the MN Waxy Corn Growers Association. From there we have expanded to specialize in soy, corn and sunflower products and ingredients and now have over 15 facilities throughout the Midwest.

Our goal is to create healthy products and a sustainable environment. We are involved in every step of the process, creating a unique seed to table integration that produces good food from the ground up. Whether you are a food processor, retailer, grower or consumer, SunOpta offers the highest level of quality and value in the natural foods industry.
FROM FARMERS: SunOpta’s grower programs help farmers select appropriate specialty varieties of soybeans, grains and oilseeds that deliver high yields and superior compositional characteristics, while using sustainable farming practices.

TO GRAIN HANDLING: SunOpta’s dedicated grain handling, cleaning and storage facilities assure that there is a complete closed-loop process that guarantees traceability and quality control.

TO PROCESSING: SunOpta’s processing facilities use natural processing techniques, including mechanical and aqueous extraction protocols, to produce the highest quality, natural and organic food and ingredient products. SunOpta uses packaging that helps to reduce the need for refrigeration in storage and transportation, reducing the energy required and overall impact of delivering foods and ingredients to the market.

TO THE CUSTOMER’S TABLE: Our quality assurance programs help you feel good about the wholesome, natural and nutritional food products that you are buying.
SunOpta will be the recognized global leader in natural and organic food products that drive sustainable well-being.

To be a sustainable organization that is the global leader in natural and organic food products driven by a spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and category expertise to enable the well-being of our employees, customers, consumers and other stakeholders.