SōL Mayo
Prep Time:
12 to 15 min
Inactive Prep Time:
Cook Time:
15 servings
¼ cup
Sunrich SōL Unsweetened
3 whole
Pasteurized egg
2 tablespoons
Lemon juice
1 2/3 cup
Vegetable Oil
1 teaspoon
½ teaspoon
Dry mustard

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the Sunrich SōL Unsweetened, yolk, salt, and dry mustard. In a separate bowl, combine the lemon juice and the egg white. Combine half the lemon mixture into the SōL mixture.

Begin whisking briskly while adding the oil a few drops at a time until the liquid appears to thicken. Once the mixture is thickened, increase the oil flow to a constant stream. When half of the oil is added, combine the remaining lemon mixture. Continue whisking until all of the oil is incorporated.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):

Calories 230 g, Total fat 25 g, Total carbohydrate 0 g, Dietary fiber 0 g, Sugars 0 g, Protein 1 g